Our Companies

Harris Utilities has been committed solely to serving the utilities market since 1976. We provide competitive energy retailers and multi-service municipal, cooperative and investor-owned utilities with the complete range of enterprise software requirements: from customer information systems and managed services to financial, operations and meter data management solutions.

With more than 35 years experience working directly with our customers—not through channel partners that distance developers from customers—we know utilities. No two are alike. Each faces unique challenges depending on its size, location, commodity, regulatory environment and ownership structure. With unparalleled expertise and industry insight, our companies offer advanced software systems to collectively address every facet of enterprise utility operations.

Meet the members of the Harris Utilities family


Advanced Utility Systems

CIS and billing solutions that help utilities improve revenue streams and provide first-rate customer service.


Full featured, highly configurable revenue management services and software for regulated and deregulated municipal and cooperative public utilities.


Next generation billing and business intelligence solutions to help manage complex rates and data, improve customer relationships and meet smart grid requirements quickly and easily.


An integrated ERP solution that features financial, customer service, work and asset management functionality to help boost operational efficiency.


CIS and financial system software to streamline operations and dramatically improve customer service.

NorthStar Utilities Solutions

Integrated billing, customer information, and financial management solutions that maximize efficiency and profitability.


Software and Services for the energy and water distribution market.

Systems & Software

Best-in-class customer information, billing and financial management systems with superior usability, configurability and scalability at a low total cost of ownership.


Our dedicated smart grid innovation engine, examining the state and trajectory of the world’s utility markets and develop powerful, sophisticated and easy-to-use smart grid solutions.