The mobile app that goes everywhere you do

Go is a mobile platform that gives utility consumers access to their account directly from a mobile device.  It acts as an extension to the already existing payment options utilities provide, offering consumers the ability to be in touch with their utility—and in full control of their account.

By opening a new channel of communication with consumers and placing control over routine functions directly into their hands, Go helps reduce the operational burden on utilities and improve their revenue stream.

Directly from their mobile devices, consumers will be able to:

  • view and pay bills,
  • report outages or other problems,
  • solve basic problems,
  • have control over routine billing, consumption and account management issues on their own,
  • get access to the data from their meter,
  • change basic account data, and
  • connect to Facebook and Twitter.

Go allows utilities to reach their customers in a whole new way.  Likewise it gives consumers a convenient way to interact with utilities. Its intuitive simplicity ensures consumers will adopt it early and use it often. Sending notifications directly to mobile phones informing consumers about unscheduled service interruption, bill payment reminders and threshold usage has never been so easy. 

To see what Go can do for your utility, contact us to request more information or to schedule a demo.