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Cayenta | Cayenta & TalentQuest Announce Strategic Relationship
January 8, 2018

Vancouver, BC and Atlanta, GA | Cayenta, the North American leader in ERP & CIS technology, and TalentQuest, a leading provider of Talent Management & Development solutions uniquely designed to help organizations drive better outcomes through their people, and today announced a strategic partnership which expands Cayenta’s HCM Solution Suite with TalentQuest's best-in-class performance, succession management, learning, compensation, and talent insights solutions.

To remain competitive in today’s ever-changing business environment, leaders agree that finding and retaining the right talent is critical, however organizations struggle to find Talent Management solutions that actually help drive better business outcomes. TalentQuest uniquely blends Behavioral Science with Talent Management software to help organizations and managers truly understand their people. The outcomes are predictive and prescriptive analytics which help managers:

  • Focus employees on roles and career paths for which they are best suited
  • Pinpoint specific development needs
  • Motivate and coach employees on a day-to-day basis
  • Understand how to best leverage one’s strengths
  • Adapt communication styles for more effective interaction
  • Truly understand how to best motivate and engage each employee

“TalentQuest aligns with our strategic direction, culture and methodology for Cayenta’s Human Capital Management offering and we are very excited about our partnership” said Cayenta Executive Vice President, Brad Atchison.

“TalentQuest’s collaboration with Cayenta tightly aligns market leaders creating a best-in-class HCM solution in one seamless solution,” said TalentQuest CEO, Dr. Frank Merritt

About Cayenta

Founded in 1983 and welcomed to the Harris family in 2004, our Cayenta business unit is the North American leader in technology for medium to large utility clients. We provide innovative end-to-end CIS and ERP solutions that were engineered from the ground up to be agile and seamless, ensuring that our clients have a platform for operational success.

About TalentQuest

At TalentQuest, we sit at the intersection of Talent Management and Talent Development. We help organizations more intelligently solve their talent challenges through the combination of its Talent Management platform, Talent Development solutions, and Talent Insights platform. A true innovator in the industry, TalentQuest’s cloud based solutions are used by leading organizations worldwide. For additional information, visit, follow us on Twitter (@TalentQuest), or connect with us on LinkedIn.