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Cogsdale | Cogsdale Cloud Provides New Options for Public Sector Organizations
January 1, 2018

Toronto, ON | Much has been said about the growing popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS), more commonly known as Cloud computing. In its simplest form, Cloud computing is the delivery on on-demand computing resources over the Internet. In reality, it is much more than this, and it is making strides in the public sector industry as organizations come to understand the benefits of moving software solutions to the Cloud.

Cogsdale Cloud allows clients to leave the administration of all hardware and software components, as well as security, to a trusted partner. Hosted on Microsoft Azure world-class datacenters, Cogsdale Cloud provides organizations high performance and peace of mind, while enabling them to focus on their core business. Organizations see a measurable increase in business productivity with considerable reduction in operational, IT, and maintenance costs. Organizations reduce Total Cost of Ownership when leveraging Cloud. This includes costs associated with purchasing, configuring, maintaining and upgrading hardware and software, backups, security, additional IT staff, and downtime.

Microsoft Azure is a leader in ISO and CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) certifications and audits. The stateof-the-art datacenters have mandatory security training and background checks for staff. All datacenters go through annual penetration testing and offer instruction detection. Cloud clients have dedicated servers with a unique subnet to segregate and secure all network traffic. Client IT staff have administrative privileges for maintenance and management purposes, if required.

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About Cogsdale

Cogsdale has been delivering powerful integrated information solutions since 1997. The Cogsdale solution offers a best-of-breed customer information system on an integrated platform that also includes: financials, distribution, utility billing, customer management, work management, project management, and procurement. Cogsdale extends the suite to include functionality such as: interactive voice response, document management, payment kiosks and online credit checks.