SmartWorks Compass

SmartWorks Compass is a utility decision management solution that delivers the benefits of smart infrastructure investments to electric, water and gas utilities. Comprised of robust analytics, metrics, visualization and automation tools, SmartWorks Compass enables utilities to maximize return on investments in their smart infrastructure by seamlessly converting massive volumes of data into powerful insights and automated actions.

SmartWorks Compass:

  • Delivers real-time business intelligence by correlating data from various utility enterprise operations and displaying a holistic view of the grid through easy-to-understand visualization tools;
  • Automates repeatable processes enabling utilities to manage and respond to events with speed, precision and consistency;
  • Measures the financial and operational impact of utility decisions to better define and improve future actions;
  • Empowers utility staff to make better informed financial and operational decisions;
  • Integrates seamlessly with other utility enterprise systems.

SmartWorks Compass provides highly sophisticated, yet cost-effective functionality right out of the box. It is easy to implement, simple to use and painless to upgrade.


SmartWorks Compass offers a flexible toolset that enables utilities to deploy targeted functionality that serves immediate needs, while providing the ability to grow the solution as their business evolves – all without the need for customization.

  • The KPI Dashboard provides a snapshot view of grid performance within a single, configurable screen. It pulls data from various utility enterprise systems, calculates key metrics, tracks how those metrics change over time, and monitors results against key thresholds.
  • Distribution Optimization collects crucial information regarding assets then provides powerful insights into distribution system operations including losses, equipment loading and demand contributors.
  • Outage Supervision plots outages on a map with drillable links to view outage events; records and reports outage and restoration events; intelligently processes outage notifications; and calculates and tracks outage statistics.
  • Rate and Revenue Analysis enables utilities to evaluate the financial impact of various operational and rate scenarios on utilities and their customers, such as measuring the financial performance of programs or understanding the impact of different rate designs.
  • Forecasting predicts consumption patterns, peak demand levels and load contributors using complex algorithms that combine historical consumption information with weather normalization and other adjustments.
  • Conservation and Demand Response enables utilities to view program details, quantify available load, track and initiate events, view a detailed analysis of usage, and measure performance at the account, group or program level.
  • Intelligent Segmentation categorizes consumers based on various parameters or behaviors, beyond traditional categorization, enabling utilities to target each segment with customized communications or demand response programs.
  • The Task Manager enables the utility to trigger, create, prioritize and track activities associated with operating or troubleshooting smart infrastructure assets, to ensure efficient response to potential issues.
  • The Weather module enables utilities to visualize the relationship between weather conditions and consumption by populating SmartWorks Compass with weather variables (i.e. temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, precipitation) and overlaying temperature on usage graphs.
  • The Rules Editor is used to create, manage and edit rules that automatically perform data analytics and trigger specific actions. Some examples include intelligent outage source identification, intelligent tamper alarm processing and automatic processing of reads for move-ins and move-outs.

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